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Rock-Oil consultants are very knowledgeable about taking the advanced EOR technologies from lab to the field. Rest assured that you are in good hands in designing and implementing an EOR technology in your field.

  • Rock-Oil consultants are very knowledgeable about taking the advanced EOR technologies from lab to the field. Rest assured that you are in good hands in designing and implementing an EOR technology in your field. 
  • We are among the best in the industry to take EOR technology from lab to the field by designing chemical moieties, performing field condition test in our lab, upscale the lab measurement to field level simulation to perform scoping simulations, and then perform the complete economics of the selected EOR method
  • Consultants have more than 30 years of total combined experience in designing EOR solution for onshore and offshore fields. Consultant have worked on projects from various geographies such as North America, Asia and Middle East.
  • Consultants have designed foam assisted conformance control solutions for more than five reservoirs in Permian Basin and Wyoming area. 
  • Consultants have recently designed an offshore surfactant flood in tight carbonate reservoir in Middle East field.
  • Complete reservoir simulations expertise to develop dynamic reservoir simulation model, perform history matching and forecasting. Evaluate performance of advanced EOR technologies.
  • Screening of reservoir for EOR methodology based on geological characteristics, oil properties and historical field data using our proprietary data analytics-based tools
  • Strong expertise in flow assurance applications, testing and solutions. We have a team of experts on flow assurance related problems.

Chemical EOR Testing (AS, SP, ASP), chemical selection, evaluation and implementation

Gas EOR testing, evaluation and implementation

Foam assisted gas EOR testing, evaluation and implementation

Thermal EOR Testing, Evaluation and Implementation

EOR method selection and Feasibility Studies

Chemical selection for various EOR methods and fundamental structure-property relation analysis to select the right chemicals

Laboratory Tests – chemical selection, Rock-fluid interaction and fluid-fluid interaction

Field-pilot design and deployment

Flow Assurance Testing, Evaluation and Implementation

  • Crude oil characterization including density, viscosity, molecular weight, SARA analysis, polydisperse asphaltene distribution, water content
  • Water analysis
  • PVT and petroleum flow assurance tests (asphaltene, wax, gas hydrates) at high temperatures and pressures
  • Screening of oilfield chemicals at high temperature and pressure, including inhibitors to mitigate flow assurance problems (asphaltene, wax, scale, gas hydrates), corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, foamers, etc
  • Emulsion stability
  • Multiphase flow and phase behavior of petroleum systems in flow loops.
  • Core flood tests.
  • Visualization of fluid flow in porous media using microfluidics.
  • Spectroscopic analyses of samples (refractive index, NIR, FITR, Fluorescence).
  • Electronic Microscopy (SEM, TEM)

End-to-end Solution for Your EOR Evaluation and Field Deployment

More than 30 years of cumulative experience of designing and implementing EOR field pilots

Conformance Control

Conventional and Unconventional shale reservoirs

  • Gas foam EOR
  • CO2 foam EOR
  • HC gas foam EOR
  • N2 gas foam
  • Low tension gas

Wettability Alteration

Wettability alteration

  • Convectional (carbonate/sandstone)
  • Unconventional (Shale)


Thermal EOR

Thermal EOR

  • Hot water
  • Steam EOR
  • Steam foam EOR
  • Steam foam for SAGD wells


Mobility and conformance

Chemical EOR

  • Polymer Flood
  • Surfactant Polymer(SP)
  • Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer(ASP) flood
  • Novel Formulation Design
  • SP/ASP formulation
  • Novel Formulation design

No standard workflow to screen chemicals – Rock-Oil offers best practices and experienced SME’s to design lab workflow

Smart Water

  • Brine optimization based on imbibition tests
  • Fluid-fluid compatibility & stability study
  • Rock-brine interaction and wettability study
  • Rock-fluid compatibility, recovery parameter, recovery efficiency

Chemical EOR

  • Chemical selection- phase behavior study
  • Polymer rheology
  • Fluid-fluid compatibility
  • Rock-surfactant-alkali-polymer interaction
  • Rock-fluid – recovery parameters, retention, efficiency

Gas EOR (CO2/N2/HC gas)

  • Miscible/Immiscible evaluation using slim tube test, rising bubble test
  • Recombine gases to create synthetic gas composition
  • Reservoir core recovery test
  • Rock-fluid – recovery parameters & efficiency

Gas Foam EOR

  • Surfactant selection- bulk foam test
  • Fluid-fluid compatibility & stability
  • Rock-chemical interaction (retention/adsorption)
  • Porous media foam propagation and evaluation
  • Fluid-fluid surface compatibility 

Low Tension Gas EOR

  • Surfactant selection- bulk foam test
  • Fluid-fluid phase behavior: micro emulsion test
  • Rock-chemical interaction (retention/adsorption)
  • Porous media test for recovery parameters and efficiency

Thermal EOR

  • Heavy oil characterization- SARA/ asphaltene/wax
  • Unconsolidated or consolidated rock test with steam
  • Evaluation for various steam qualities
  • Core flood test to evaluate the recovery parameters and efficiency 

Steam Foam EOR

  • Heavy oil characterization- SARA/ asphaltene/wax
  • Surfactant stability and bulk foam test
  • Fluid-Fluid interaction
  • Rock-fluid – retention/adsorption
  • Core flood test to evaluate the recovery parameters and efficiency 

Hybrid EOR

  • Low salinity and polymer flood
  • Low salinity and surfactant flood
  • Wettability alteration with surfactant followed by microemulsion to mobilize oil
  • Gas and steam flood with surfactant for foam application

We deliver proprietary and unique chemical solutions for your EOR needs from our more than 30 years of total combined experience and state of art laboratory facility

Laboratory Test



De-risk Larger Pilot


Larger Field Deployment


Test chemistry feasibility under field condition

  • Aqueous stability
  • Core flood – foam propagation, emulsion propagation, recovery efficiency
  • Rock-Fluid: retention/ adsorption
  • Emulsion behavior
  • Reservoir simulation – injection strategy and economics

De-risk deployment of full-scale pilot 

  • Implement optimum injection strategy with at least 6-10 foam slugs
  • Implement optimum chemical slug strategy (concetration, pore volume target, volume etc.)
  • Monitor the success at the injector – Injection profile log and injectivity

Improve oil recovery and gas utilization

  • Leverage learnings from pilot
  • Data analytics to optimize the performance based on field pilot
  • Maximize economics: injection strategy, concetration and volume 
  • Monitor the success at the injector and producer – high frequency data analysis, use data analytics for optimization


Reservoir Simulation Capability – CMG-STARS™, CMG-GEMS™, CMG-WINPROP™, CMG-CMOST™, Eclipse and PVTSIM and  Reduced physics simulation using AI and ML methods

Geological modeling and Reservoir Simulations to mitigate risk for EOR technology evaluations – optimize EOR technical and economical success

  • History match and forecasting
  • Upscaling lab measurement to field scale simulations
  • EOR technology evaluation in the reservoir
  • Optimize chemical injection strategy
  • Predict the recovery improvement with selected EOR method and perform economic evaluations


Our vision is to offer a flexibility, accuracy and speed to solve the complex problems through data analytics

Smart Production Enhancement Screening

100x faster Machine learning assisted forecasting for production enhancement for field deployments

Physics Assisted Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integrated Reservoir Analytics Models Provide Better Statistical Accuracy, Speed and Real Time Decision Making