About Us

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Our Vision

Build and establish a respected brand name globally by solving technological problems in energy industry through top notch technical expertise, leveraging more than 30 years of combined experience and delivering solution for industry challenges.  


To build and offer our services to global market by –

  • Delivering innovative, cost-effective and high-quality solutions backed by our out-of-box thinking, technical know-how and world-class brain power.
  • To become a well-respected brand with large global customer base

Our values


ROCK-OIL CONSULTING GROUP has group of consultants with more than 50 years of total combined experience of innovation and delivering solutions to challenging problems.


ROCK-OIL CONSULTING GROUP is committed of being completely ethical in its dealing with all its stakeholders. This forms the root of our existence and shall be at the core of everything we execute.


ROCK-OIL CONSULTING GROUP shall always adopt a partnership approach in dealing with its customers. We shall always travel that extra mile in understanding our client’s scenario and arrive at solutions which proves to be beneficial for them in the long run and also adds immense value to their organization.

Social Responsibility

ROCK-OIL CONSULTING GROUP shall always work towards performing its duty with the purpose of being a responsible social citizen for the benefit of the society in diverse arenas.


We are engineers with PhD’s in petroleum and chemical engineering, a brilliance computer scientist, and a business leader with a passion for oil and gas technology. We like technical challenges to deliver a state of art solution for your energy industry needs. We are a unique consulting company with solid petroleum engineer background and oil and gas domain expertise.